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elite squad training


Elite squad training is for serious competition and tournament players. It is a collaboration of hitting, practice drills, match simulations, and tennis specific fitness. The focus is very much on strategy and building “match toughness” with a smaller focus on technical development related to specific tactical requirements.


Elite squad training is aimed at prodiving performance players the opportunity to train with others of similar standard whilst sharpening their game for match-play. Players will learn correct shot selection, patterns of play and match tactics. Players will also develop understanding of the importance of Strength & Conditioning (including a good pre-match warm-up/post-match recovery) and develop psychological strategies to enhance each players mental focus.


Elite Squads are INVITATIONAL ONLY. Players will need to trial squads before registering for the term as coach will need to grade their ability level.




Junior Elite Squad

Tuesday Junior Elite Squad - 8-10 years old - Aimed at beginner tournament players with intermediate playing ability - 1.5hrs - 5-6.30pm

Thursday Junior Elite Squad - 10-12 years old - Aimed at regular tournament players with an intermediate to advanced playing ability - 2hrs - 5-7pm


Senior Elite Squad

Tuesday Senior Elite Squad - 12-16 years old - Aimed at intermediate to advanced tournament players - 1.5hrs - 6-7.30pm

Thursday Junior Development Squad - 12-16 years old - Aimed at intermediate competition players - 1.5hrs - 6-7.30pm


Hitting Squad

(open to players looking to rally with players of similar standard)

Friday Hitting Squad - 12+ years old - Aimed at intermediate to advanced players - 1.5hrs - 6-7.30pm



Elite Squads $210
Squads with Competition attached $300
Hitting Squad $10/week



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