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mini squad


Squad training is used to develop game based skills that can be used on the court in match situations. Each week will have a set theme that the drills will be based upon. In this class students will be put through a number of drills each week to help develop their game. Drills will vary from closed drills where the players are to perform a certain task right through to open drills which are game situations. After an hour of drills and coaching the students then stay for another hour and play matches. The matches are structured around the coaching sessions. Bonus points are awarded for a skill performed correctly. The focus is to perform the skill in a match environment.


Mini squad is a training system designed to prepare a young player for adult competition. The focus shifts from more technical based outcomes, to more tactical based. Players will learn correct shot selection, patterns of play and general match tactics


Mini Squad is a 9 minute program once a week. Players enrolled in Mini Squad are encouraged to participate in junior competition or even adult singles or doubles competitions.

Mini Squad is an invitational program based on an assessment of each child



$210 per term


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