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Pee Wee is an invitational program for 3-5 year olds who show advanced skills in the Sporty Kids program. Pee Wee classes are more tennis specific than Sporty Kids, with focus on coach directed instruction on technical stroke production. Lessons are conducted with 25% compression red balls, on modified courts ranging from 3-6 meters in width. Children learn through a combination of technical instruction and by Hot Shots “learn through play “philosophy.


This program has a number of outcomes for children including being able to over arm through to various locations in the court, catch and throw various balls with one bounce, drop and hit balls to various locations, commence a rally, catch a ball in a bucket, call a ball in or out, cooperate with other players and coaches etc.


PeeWee is a one hour program once a week. Players enrolled in PeeWee are encouraged to participate in basic competiton.

PeeWee is an invitational program based on an assessment of each child


$160 per term




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