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Nepean District Tennis Association Incorporated





to be held on Wednesday 29th November 2017

starting at 7.00pm

at the Captain Cook Clubhouse, Woodriff Gardens Tennis Centre, Penrith


Main business:   * Election of those Committee positions due for election

                                       (Vice-President, and two elected ordinary Committee members)

                             * Receipt of reports from the Committee on the past year

                             * Receipt and consideration of the annual financial statement


All Association Members are invited to attend or, if they wish, exercise proxies according to the current procedures. Those Members who are aged 18 or over are entitled to vote in person or by proxy. Those Members who are aged under 18 are entitled to have a parent/guardian as their proxy.


A notification appointing a proxy must be lodged (a) at the shop at the Woodriff Gardens Tennis Centre, marked for the attention of the Committee, or (b) by email: tennisnepean@gmail.com  at least 48 hours before the meeting.




Nominations for those positions on the Committee due for election are required by 7.00pm on Wednesday 22nd November 2017. The positions to be determined are:


·          Vice-President (for a 2-year period)

·          Elected ordinary Committee member (two positions, each for a 2-year period)


Nominations must be in writing, signed by 2 Members of the Association, and accompanied by the written consent of the candidate. Nominations must be delivered to the President of the Association by the above date/time.


Chris Woodland

Chief Executive Officer




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