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Membership Provisions

Membership Provisions - (Revised & Updated 15/1/2023)

All memberships are valid for one (1) year. Renewal date for membership falls on the anniversary date of joining NDTA each year. (excluding Association FEE)

All applications for Membership (Gold, Silver, Bronze) must be approved by the Management Committee, in accordance with the Constitution.

General Court Hire Terms

When hiring a court either online or at venue, only one (1) court, per hire, per membership may be booked.

To book consecutive courts within the same time slot you will need another person that holds Membership to book.

Out of Hours Hire

For out of hours court hire you must lock the access gate upon entry & exit. All members have been given the access code & it is their responsibility to remember it.

As we are under construction we have had several break in's since December & every time the access gate has been left unlocked after court hires. If this continues out of hours court hire will become unavailable. 

Bathrooms are not available out side of pro shop hours. Nearest public toilets are at Penrith Westfield.

For out of hours lights please TXT message - 0403910137.

**This number is for lights on only. It is not an out of hours inquiry or assistance line. Phone calls to this number will not be received.

Discounts differ between memberships.

Please make sure you have read the inclusions of each membership type correctly before purchase.

Availability for membership court hire.

Courts need to be booked either online or in the pro shop. Due to our ever-growing coaching & competition schedule we will not be able to guarantee availability based on membership.

Please be aware that our synthetic courts shed water very well and will generally only be unplayable after prolonged heavy rain.

Determination of playability during wet weather is at the sole discretion of the Pro Shop - please ring on 02 47212880 if you need to check.
For a casual booking a full credit is applied to a customer's account when a booking is unable to be used due to wet weather unplay ability.(pre-paid/ online bookings) This credit can be used against any future booking. No refunds are given.
Permanent bookings receive no credit for washed out sessions.

Cancellations (online bookings)

Please ensure you cancel booking if you are unable to attend.

A casual booking may be cancelled up to 24 hours prior to the booking time and a credit given for future use. No refund will be given.
A permanent booking may be cancelled up to 24 hours prior to the booking time and a credit given. Only one cancellation per block booking (of up to 3 months) will result in a credit being applied to the customer's account. This credit can be used against any future booking. No refunds are given. No credit will be given for any additional cancellations.

Playing Over Time

It is the responsibility of the hirer to finish play at the designated time. Where a court is vacant at the expiry of the booking period, the booking may be extended, in which case an additional charge is payable as a proportion of the hourly rate


Basket Policy

Nepean Tennis has a "no basket" policy for all players other than Junior Tennis Members that have requested permission to use it with their own parent.

If you are a Junior Nepean Tennis Member and wish to use a basket with your parent, please email your request to and your request will be reviewed within 2 business days.

Successful requests will be issued a laminated sign to be applied to your basket acknowledging this approval. Approval is for 12 calendar months from date of approval.


Unless you are an Employed Coach from Nepean District Tennis Association you are NOT allowed to run coaching lessons of any kinds (1 on 1, semi privates or group lessons) at the Nepean Tennis Facility. Under no circumstances are allowed to use their Memberships to either:

  • Run a coaching lesson of any kind (paid or unpaid) and/or

  • Hire a court to have a lesson from an external coach.

That includes during our business hours and out of our business hours.

A result of violating this rule may include:

  • Termination of Membership

  • Freezing of Membership

Nepean Tennis is a Penrith Council affiliated Association. Only coaching lessons run through Employed Coaches and/or Employees of Nepean District Tennis Association can provide the full legal insurance that is necessary for everyone’s safety. If you are unrightfully coaching at Nepean Tennis, then you are endangering the safety of others.


If a player wishes to represent the Association in any representative event, he/she must be at least a current Bronze Level Member or pay a special “representative player fee” to cover costs. This fee will be advised for each representative event.

Players will be required to be/become Association Members. Registered Players will be eligible to play in Nepean Association Championships (subject to entry conditions) and will be registered with Tennis NSW (inclusive of all Tennis NSW benefits)

**Nepean Tennis reserve the right to cancel any membership if the above has not been complied with.

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