General Membership Provisions

  •  All memberships are valid for one (1) year. Renewal date for membership falls on the anniversary date of joining NDTA each year. There will be a "grace" period of one (1) month to renew your yearly membership, otherwise a new application will be necessary.

  •  All applications for Association membership (Gold, Silver, Bronze and White) must be approved by the Management Committee, in accordance with the Constitution.

  •  If a player wishes to represent the Association in any representative event, he/she must be at least a current Bronze Level Member (ie. White Level membership is not sufficient), or pay a special “representative player fee” to cover costs. This fee will be advised for each representative event.

  •  Competition players will NOT be required to be/become Association Members, but will nevertheless need to fill in a “Registered Player” form within 7 days of playing their first competition match. Registered Players will be eligible to play in Nepean Association Championships (subject to entry conditions) and will be registered with Tennis NSW (inclusive of all Tennis NSW benefits).

Membership Provisions

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