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Intermediate Classes


Ducks - Red Stage 2

Ducks - Red Ball Stage 2 is a great way for children to take their tennis game to the next level. Lessons are conducted with a 25% compression red ball, and children learn through a combination of technical instruction and Hot Shots' "learn through play" philosophy. As they progress, children are expected to develop more complex skills for a stronger transition into orange ball, as well as compete in the weekly junior competitions attached to each class.


Rising Stars - Orange Stage 2

Rising Stars is an invitational program for children who are of an intermediate level and is based on Tennis Australia’s Hot Shots “orange ball” program. It is suitable for advanced players aged from 7-10 years and is conducted with 50% compression orange balls, on a regular court of reduced length and width. Rising Stars students are encouraged to participate in Junior Competition


Toucans - Green Stage 2

Toucans Green Ball Squad is the perfect program for intermediate level green ball players aged 11+ years. This program is designed to help young tennis players develop their skills, tactics, and technical fundamentals in preparation for tournament play. The Toucans Green Ball Squad encourages players to participate in local and regional round robin tournaments, so they can test their abilities in a competitive environment.


Mini Squad - Yellow Stage 2

The Mini Squad - Yellow Ball Level 2 program is the perfect service for 12 year olds and up who are looking to take their intermediate to advanced tennis skills to the next level. This 1 or 1.5 hour squad offers full compression balls and is played on a full size court. With Mini Squad, you can get the guidance and support you need to participate in Nepean Junior and Adult competitions and improve your tennis game.

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